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“I felt the joy of my work was being outweighed by the day to day difficulties of managing the practice.  Despite my best original intentions, I had largely ignored the basic business planning and had lost sight of my basic costs –citing lack of time due to a heavy workload.  Apart from chasing work and attending meetings, much of my energy was going on training staff and dealing with seemingly petty in house political type problems.  I was under constant and severe pressure working in fire fighting mode.  Following a recommendation I set up an appointment with Marcus.  I had allowed the pressures build to such a degree that I actually had to cancel our session a couple of times before I actually allowed myself to take the time out to assess and take some steps to alleviate the problems.  The first step was to prioritise the various aspects of the business and rationalise the fire fighting strategy characterising my work and causing me many sleepless nights.  Marcus helped me set up a clear framework with my long term to medium to short term issues given space within my working week.  Follow on sessions dealt with specific staff problems and remedies.    Marcus provided me with the answers to many of the scenarios I was facing, and I was impressed how he could relate specifically to the actual difficulty I faced and give simple clear and structured advice that I could instantly apply.  I felt a sense of relief and sense of retaking control of the business.  I continued with the sessions, each geared to a specific problem identified by myself.  It is great to be able to speak candidly to someone on your side, without judgement, and thus share the often heavy burden of running a business single handed.  Two months into the sessions I have turned many aspects of the business around and am confident that it is improving on many different levels.  I can certainly say I feel a lot more relaxed and can actually switch off in the evenings.  I continue with our sessions every few weeks to keep every thing in check.  I would recommend Marcus’s one on one mentoring to any small business to provide bespoke solutions to the actual situations on hand.”

-Principal of a small Professional Practice

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